Adventures Of… – Love Sick (Review)

Adventures Of..., Reviews

Adventures Of… are a duo based in London, making poetic, spoken word influenced music, and ‘Love Sick’ is their latest project, released back in November of 2014. The electronic dark and menacing production backs Koopa Nut and Bernard James as they deliver their introspective and heartfelt lyrics throughout the albums 10 tracks. The experimental nature of the music is enthralling and captivating.

 Adventures of love sick

The personal nature of both lyricist’s writing definitely makes ‘Love Sick’ a project easy to engage with. The left-field production suits the nature of their deliveries and concepts of the tracks found on the album. The glitchy synth and crunchy kick and snare of the 7 minute opener ‘Lets Go Home’ sets the tone for what is to follow, and the relatable and humble nature of the first track is orchestrated in a unique and memorable way.

The charismatic intonation that is common in a lot of spoken word material is on full display on this project. Adventures Of… match the emotive qualities of the instrumentals with their lyricism and approach, making for a cohesive listen. The duo isn’t responsible for solely the words either, they also take on the production duties, and the experimental nature of the beats is definitely well suited to the descriptive and metaphorical writing. The deep, dubstep influenced bass and tight drums of ‘Long Night’ matches the dark imagery conjured by Adventures’ vocals.

If you’re looking for a somewhat abstract listen, ‘Love Sick’ is definitely worth checking out. The imagery, storytelling and personal style of writing, along with the dark, eclectic production make for an interesting musical journey, taking you into the minds and through the world of Adventures Of…’s two lyricists. This is definitely worth a listen for any spoken word fans or if you like your hip hop more left-field and experimental. ‘Love Sick’ is a unique and enjoyable listen.

By Sam Bennett





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