Twizzy – Farm Foodz (Review)

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De Facto Entertainment have certainly been putting in the work over the past 12 months. The label have been responsible for some really dope hip hop releases in 2014, including Stealf’s instrumental album and Cappo and Stealf’s EP release, entitled ‘Unicron’. They’re consistently hip hop through and through, and this release is no different. Bristolian MC Twizzy’s debut solo album, ‘Farm Foodz’, is entirely produced by Farma G, and boasts features from Genesis Elijah, Verb T and the Farma himself, as well as his fellow Three Headed Beast representatives Jinxsta JX and M.A.B.


‘Farm Foodz’ gets underway in real gritty style, with the piano laced, intense boom bap of ‘Fresh Cut’ allowing Twizzy to show off his consistent writing and heavy flow. It’s clear from the beginning of the project that Twizzy’s capabilities of switching up into percussive, double-time spitting make him a charismatic and memorable rapper. ‘Hear To Speak’ is another impressive display of frantic, fast-paced delivery and intricate writing, over a complex instrumental, matching Twizzy’s vocal approach.

‘Feeling The Same’ is one of the standouts from the album. Twizzy is joined by two very respected lyricists, Verb T and Genesis Elijah. Throughout ‘Farm Foodz’ it’s clear that Twizzy is comfortable tackling a variety of concepts, and his writing is always relevant and full of content. Both Genesis and Verb T impress, and Twizzy holds his alongside two MCs held in the highest regard. ‘Once A Dream’ is definitely another highlight, with Farma G providing a soulful instrumental with raw drum samples to back Twizzy, M.A.B. and Jinxsta Jx as they demonstrate their lyrical prowess. The chemistry between these three MCs is clearly evident, and it’s easy to see why the Three Headed Beast emerged.

There are a couple of times on ‘Farm Foodz’ where the rapping outshines the instrumentals, such as on the slightly cheap sounding ‘Set The Table’, and also ‘Cold N Lonely’, but for the most part Farma G provides a varied and interesting soundscape for Twizzy to spit on, and the result is a solid album from a clearly talented wordsmith with a savage flow that is bound to impress any hip hop head. Big ups to De Facto Entertainment, and I’m looking forward to seeing what 2015 will bring for the label.

By Sam Bennett





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