Chairman Maf – Paint (Review)

Chairman Maf, Reviews

Cambridge born and based producer Chairman Maf blesses us with this new album, consisting of dope, chilled and authentic instrumental hip hop. Maf’s tight production is evident throughout, with classy jazz samples, a range of influences and excellent sampling sprinkled throughout, and the consistently heavy drums keep your head nodding for the duration of the album. 


‘Thunder’ is an absolute smacker of a beat, and already we’re made well aware of Chairman Maf’s talents for making neck-snapping boom bap. The menacing sample and sparkling ride cymbal make this gritty cut an early highlight. On ‘Easy’, Maf takes us on a smokey, jazzy journey, with soulful vocal samples and silky piano lines complimenting the relaxed drums. The Cambridge beat-smith’s  MPC production sounds inherently organic, no matter whether the vibe is chilled or aggressive.

The summery, funk guitar laced ‘Sundown’ is another dope, chilled slice of the ‘Paint’ pie, and the layered sampling creates a laid-back, infectious vibe. The crisp, soulful production continues on ‘You & Me’, and ‘Gospel’ is definitely another standout, with filtered keys making for an interesting and haunting vibe, with perfectly selected vocal extracts.

‘Paint’ is packed with authentic, chilled instrumentals, guaranteed to hold your attention as one slickly produced beat slips into the next. The sampling is suitable and effective, the drums are crisp and tight throughout, and Chairman Maf is definitely one to pay attention to.

By Sam Bennett





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