The NorthaZe – Outset (Review)

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The Northaze are an upcoming duo from Leeds city, and they bring a selection of deep, trap influenced instrumentals and consistent hard bars with dope flows. Kosi and Sith are definitely two MCs to watch out for, amongst a huge crop of hip hop talent coming out of the West Yorkshire city. The spacey instrumentals and intricate, classy lyrics and deliveries combine to produce a really solid mixtape in ‘Outset’.


‘Outset’ starts off with a track of the same name, and the dark, swelling instrumental is perfect for the Leeds MC’s to come storming out of the gate, with a track that makes real impact. Both rappers ride the beat with a complementary style, and the chemistry is clear to see. ‘Glass House’ follows, and the crisp, chilled Freddie Joachim instrumental is a nice choice. The complexity and intelligence shown in Sith’s lyrics is great to hear, and Kosi matches this with his own unique style. ‘Oceans’ is one of the standouts, and continues the chilled out vibe. The mellow synthesizers are sick, and the drums bump with clarity as each member of The NorthaZe flows with northern flair.

Another highlight of the ‘Outset’ mixtape is ‘Hills & The Woods’. The resounding trap production and the savage, quick paced spitting makes for a heavy listen. The menacing nature of the track immediately has the effect of encouraging you to snap your neck back and forth; the chilling vocal sample and confident and aggressive delivery from Sith and Kosi make for one of the best tracks from the project. ‘No.8’ is another dope cut, and the spacey instrumentals with rattling hi hats and snares really suit The Northaze’s approach.

The sound on ‘Outset’ is a really consistent one, but the Leeds spitters manage to show their versatility at the same time, with the guttural, trap infused flows sounding heavy, no matter whether they’re on the harder hitting cuts, or on the more chilled out hip hop vibes. The instrumental for ‘Northjitsu’, provided by Spaceage, is hypnotic. The chilling keys and sample work make for one of the standouts on the project, and the rapping is very convincing here. ‘Eccentric’ is a jazzy cut with tight brass lines. The NorthaZe team up with Pertrelli & Blacx here and every MC shows real skill and talent.

‘Outset’ is a solid project from a really exciting duo. The NorthaZe have a unique style and approach, and try their hand at a variety of different styles on here. They impress no matter whether they are spitting on hard hitting trap beats, or raw and classic chilled hip hop instrumentals. The bars are well structured and the delivery is convincing throughout, this is definitely one to check.

By Sam Bennett





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