Flo – Lazy Days (Review)

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I first became aware of Flo when she collaborated with Dotz on ‘The Flotz EP’. This is her first solo release, and it’s a nine track offering featuring her infectious vocals over consistently dope, chilled out hip hop production. The comparisons to Lily Allen and Eliza Doolittle are perhaps inevitable, but this is a much more organic, credible sound. Her vocals sit well over the soulful, boom bap production, and where you might have expected a rapper to pick these beats, Flo most definitely does them justice. 

flo lazy days

The project opens with ‘What I Believe’. This finds Flo musing about her love for music and her craft. The simple, laid-back instrumental suits the cocky but chilled vocals. Flo’s lyric writing is different to many vocalists on the circuit at the moment, approaching the track with almost the same stance a rapper would; her confidence shines through, and it’s refreshing to see in this context. The jazzy ‘Lazy Day’ is appropriately titled. The summery, head nodding vibe is one that runs through the entire project, and Flo’s personal lyrics and enchanting voice is perfect for the smokey brass samples, and the use of scratching and samples in this track (and it’s found elsewhere too) show the hip hop sensibilities that make her approach so effective.

‘Closer To Me’ is definitely a standout. The anthemic production backs Flo’s sweet delivery, and shows off the soulful side of her voice. It sounds rather patronising to say, but one thing that definitely impresses me so much with ‘Lazy Days’, is the fact there are no guest appearances. The style of the production would lead you to expect a couple of MCs to crop up, but Flo holds it down on a solo flex, and there isn’t really a skippable track on here.  ‘Wasting Time’ closes the project, and it’s another highlight. Flo’s vocal    ad-libs are infectious, and the boom bap production lends itself so well to her style and delivery.

‘Lazy Days’ is a really impressive showing from Flo, and it’s definitely a unique approach. She keeps the soul and R&B flavour throughout, with very impressive vocal ability, and she’s got a better beat choice than a lot of rappers. Definitely check this out.

By Sam Bennett







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