Cappo & Stealf – Unicron (Review)

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Cappo is one of the UK’s most respected spitters. The Nottingham MC has an incredibly unique and technical style, and has long been producing absolute top quality UK hip hop. ‘Unicron’ is his newest project, a 5 track EP in collaboration with Stealf, a producer who is consistently raw with his boom bap instrumentals, released through De Facto Entertainment. As you would expect, this one is a slice of intricate lyricism and golden era beats.


The EP kicks off with ‘Bobba Fett’, which is a frantic bar-fest, and Cappo spits savagely over the simple, but truly effective instrumental. The punchy kick, and loose feel of Stealf’s MPC beats really suit Cappo’s raw and unique flow, and this is an opener that instantly grabs your attention. ‘Quantize’ features another menacing backdrop from Stealf, with Cappo dropping real knowledge, proclaiming ‘Take away the price, still the same garment/Add a label to that shit and pay double, same money same trouble my definition of confusion’. It’s this wisdom on a microphone that has garnered Cappo the respect he most definitely deserves.

The East Midlands spitter continues with his blistering pen game, dropping gems like ‘as the world turns like a hubcap’ on ‘Raise The Bar’. The fantastic loop is layered with dope guitar and vocal samples; Stealf’s loose production is very well suited to Cappo’s organic sound. ‘SM58 Live Rounds’ is a perfect closer, with a classic boom bap instrumental for Cappo to deliver his inimitable flow, and we even get an equally as sick remix  courtesy of Evil Ed.

‘Unicron’ is a really dope EP. At 4 tracks (plus a remix), it is a short one, but each track is an example of intelligent writing and authentic UK hip hop at its best. Cappo’s unique style, and Stealf’s raw beats are a great match, and this is a collaboration I hope is the first of many between the MC and producer.

By Sam Bennett






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