ThisisDA – Super Arkane (Review)

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ThisisDA is a UK MC who has been receiving a pretty hefty amount of support and praise. He’s had plenty of plays on BBC radio, as well as appearing on SBTV, Noisey and many other outlets. ‘Super Arkane’ is his debut project, released earlier this year. The album is entirely produced by Mankub, who I was more than impressed with on Chuckz’s recent ‘theDEMO’ project, and this is proper hip hop from start to finish. 


The album starts off with a tight intro, showcasing ThisisDA’s style and tight flow. The first proper track is ‘Lifers’, and the soulful instrumental backs DA as he spits with pace, and the melodic, catchy chorus adds another dimension. Right from the get go it’s clear that ThisisDA has the potential to gain success on much more than an underground level; he has charisma and charm as well as infusing his tracks with dope hip hop references, name checking Big Daddy Kane and MF Doom in this track. ‘Good Thing’ is definitely one of the standouts on the project, with the anthemic, big-band influenced instrumental instantly setting my head rocking back and forth. ThisisDA has a raw, but very energetic style, and it definitely works very well.

‘Circa 98’ is another of the standouts on ‘Super Arkane’. The frantic instrumental laced with jazzy horns and piano is a dope one, and DA spits with interesting flows and impactful bars such as ‘The only arseholes out here not giving a shit’. This is followed by ‘Money Under Everything’, and this is a sick, down to earth track, with possibly my favourite beat on the whole project. It becomes progressively more obvious as ‘Super Arkane’ plays through that this is a really professional sounding project, and for a free album, it really is top quality. ‘Algorerhythm’ is another standout, with a heavy, classic hip hop instrumental and ThisisDA delivers his bars with precision.

‘Super Arkane’ is a really impressive project. ThisisDA’s style would clearly work on a crossover level, but he always keeps it authentic and lyrical, which is often a hard line to tread, but he definitely manages it on this project. ThisisDA is one to watch, and ‘Super Arkane’ is a really solid project, check this out.

By Sam Bennett





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