Verb T – Medicated Dreams (Review)

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Verb T is one of the most consistent artists in the game. His discography is full of absolute gems, and Medicated Dreams is his latest offering, and it’s another cohesive, personal project to add to the long list of quality releases from High Focus Records. The EP is entirely produced by Verbs himself, and deals with various concepts and topics including his experiences while dealing with Crohn’s disease, and a mixture of depressive and optimist outlooks on life. This is an introspective piece of work, and it continues the now obvious trend of real originality and passion that has become so common in Verb T’s music. 


The EP starts off with ‘The Tunnel’, and the hard hitting drums and Verbs’ forceful delivery make this an engaging track. This is the perfect track to introduce the feel and vibe of the EP, and Verb T’s writing ability is proven, once again, to be absolutely first class, with a vast amount of touching and personal lines, as well as technically good multi syllabics such as ‘Some had ego’s and thought they were good/I land like heathrow in your neighbourhood’.

Medicated Dreams has a really strong opening. ‘The Tunnel’ is followed by ‘Dreaming Of A Life’, which is my highlight of the project. This track finds Verb T collaborating with Moreone, and his intricate lyricism is perfectly suited. The atmospheric instrumental is haunting and infectious, and is definitely appropriate for the introspective musings and dope punchlines such as ‘connect overheads like a scissor kick’. This is followed by the jazzy, chilled out ‘Isn’t Clear’, and the way Verb T delivers his lyrics really conveys the confusion he must have been feeling when penning the track, and this definitely shows the effectiveness of his writing.

The smooth beats compliment this vibe on Medicated Dreams, and the jazzy, uptempo instrumental of ‘Medicate’ provides a dope backdrop for Verbs to demonstrate his consistent flow. The continuity you get when both producing and spitting on a project definitely adds to the cohesiveness of the project. The double time flow, and minimalistic beat on ‘Powdered Dreams’ and the tight imagery on ‘Powdered Dreams’ definitely shows Verb T’s versatility in both production and rapping, and it’s one of the highlights of the EP for me.

Medicated Dreams is another fantastic piece of work from Verb T, who has once again proven his excellent writing ability, and distinctive, chilled out production. High Focus Records are constantly releasing consistent projects, and the talent their wide roster possesses is truly undeniable. This is another truly dope, personal project from Verb T.

By Sam Bennett





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