Loyle Carner – A Little Late (Review)

Loyle Carner, Reviews

Loyle Carner has been gathering quite a bit of interest of late, with a really good collaboration with Reggie Snow setting things rolling. This is the first EP from the London rapper, and ‘A Little Late’ is a 6 track collection of dope, chilled out, sample heavy music perfect for the summertime. This guy is definitely set for bigger and bigger things, and this EP is a really exciting first release.


The EP starts with ‘BFG’, and this is a touching, heartfelt track; Loyle Carner speaks about the loss of his Dad over an instrumental produced by London based Rebel Kleff, sampling the Donnie & Joe Emerson track ‘Baby’. The upbeat yet reflective nature of the beat really suits Carner’s approach and content, and it’s a really solid opener. ‘October’ follows, and its funky, guitar driven beat is a sick, lazy cut with a really smooth flow throughout. Kiko Bun makes an appearance on this track, and the Jamaican, Reggae style vocals are a nice addition.  

The consistency of Loyle Carner’s music is clear to see on this EP. ‘Pieces’ is another soulful track, with smooth saxophone samples. This is another song that demonstrates the London spitter’s tight flow and ear for really musical instrumentals. ‘The Money’ is a relatable tune, with hard hitting drums and a piano and organ led instrumental. Loyle Carner’s precise flow and Rebel Kleff’s equally tight verse about how his craft isn’t making the money he deserves is delivered really well. The freestyling at the end of the track is a cool little addition as well, the good natured vibe really comes off. ‘Sea Shells’ is yet another sick track, a repetitive theme on this EP for sure. The deep kick and tight clap provides a great backing for Loyle Carner to ride the beat expertly. ‘A Little Late’ closes with ‘Cantona’. This track was released on Loyle’s soundcloud a while ago, but it’s been on regular rotation since then, the chilled vibe and relaxed flows are a winning combination, this track is definitely one of my favourites from this year.

‘A Little Late’ is a really really good EP, Loyle Carner’s first outing is a consistent, cohesive project perfect for the sadly departed summer. The production is dope on here as well, having a good ear for beats is so important, and that’s something Loyle definitely doesn’t need to worry about, the well picked instrumentals suit his chilled, yet also tight flow perfectly. This guy is destined for big things if he carries on like this. 

By Sam Bennett








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