Cutta Chase & Daryl Donald – The Clockwork LP (Review)

Cutta Chase, Daryl Donald, Reviews

The Clockwork LP is a project from MC Cutta Chase and producer Daryl Donald. This is another real, authentic release from De Facto Entertainment, jam-packed with head nodders. Cutta Chase has an excellently sharp, slightly aggressive tone that sounds at home amongst the hard hitting, sample based instrumentals on this LP. The writing on this project is of a high standard throughout, with Cutta’s good technical ability shining through, and the beats match up consistently. 

‘Numbchuck’ is the opening track, and the mesmerising loop instantly gets my neck moving back and forth, and Cutta Chase delivers his bars with blistering force. Daryl Donald integrates some really well layered sample lines to add to an already dramatic and undeniably dope instrumental. Chase’s sharp tongue is on show from the outset, with bars like ‘Michael Cane to these vinyl lames/Cutta Chase straight outta Britain like a live grenade’ landing with real strength and intent.

‘Globed House’ is another standout. This is a more chilled track, showing Cutta’s versatility. The melodic chorus gels well with the double time flow, which is definitely on point. Chase rides the beat really well, and his diction is something that is really impressive, with every lyric shining through. This chilled vibe continues into the next track, ‘Neon’. This is a short track, at only 55 seconds long, but the verse Cutta Chase spits is a dope one, with intelligent schemes with good use of internal rhymes, such as ‘Be the teacher with a second plan/Tryna be the pleaser, be the reefer when you stress and jam’, and the piano laced beat is a smooth affair, perfect to back up Chase’s vocals. 

Daryl Donald uses appropriate samples on ‘Keep It Soul’, and Chase laces the summery instrumental with some positive lyrics and a heavy flow; this track finds Cutta spitting about whether it’s ‘the women or the rhythm’, and the multi syllabics fall completely on beat, and this song is a very tightly delivered cut. The only thing I’m left wanting more of on The Clockwork LP is more of the songs themselves; most of the tracks on the album are under 2 minutes long, but short and sweet is a phrase for a reason I guess.

This is a really good project, with all the ingredients of a dope album. Daryl Donald’s beats are diverse, with sincere, heartfelt instrumentals like ‘Icey Soul’ to more spacey backings, such as the beat for ‘Science’, and Cutta Chase’s passionate and forceful delivery, as well as his rhythmic flow, make for a captivating listen. De Facto Entertainment have been releasing some sick projects lately, and The Clockwork LP is certainly no different.

By Sam Bennett






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