Gibbo – The Fresh Brew EP (Review)

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Gibbo’s new EP, entitled The Fresh Brew, is the latest project to be released on the De Facto Entertainment imprint. These guys are bringing that raw, uncut, sample heavy hip hop to the table, and Gibbo showcases his skills over this project’s 6 tracks, produced entirely by Stealf, who serves up some dope instrumentals for the Aldershot MC to spit over. This is a promising EP from Gibbo, with a couple of standout tracks.


The Fresh Brew’s first offering is ‘Hands Of The Enemy’, and Gibbo definitely starts off with a strong cut. Chopped up samples provide a cheery, summery instrumental for him to spit with a consistent and convincing flow, dropping bars about the everyday struggle. This track is a nice introduction to Gibbo’s style and delivery, with strong multi-syllabics being heard throughout the track. Stealf & Gibbo both compliment each others styles, and this is noticeable from the outset of The Fresh Brew EP, with the MPC production combining well with Gibbo’s presence on the mic. 

‘Amokery’ is the next track on the EP, and Gibbo switches it up here, spitting some nice bars with some good imagery and tight punchlines. Stealf’s dusty production really compliments the more aggressive approach on this tune, the heavy kick and snare well placed, resulting in a certified head nodder.

‘Green Tea’ is probably my favourite cut from the EP; the more chilled vibe of both the instrumental and Gibbo’s verses is a winning formula. This has a signature UK sound and style to it, with relatable lyrics and some nice wordplay on Gibbo’s part and silky jazz samples integrated perfectly with the staccato feel of the percussive elements of Stealf’s production. The chilled feel continues on ‘Question Time’, although Gibbo delivers his bars with a more aggressive steez on this track; the sampled vocal hook breaking up the verses nicely; I really rate Gibbo’s writing on this track, with a tight flow, nice multi’s and some intricate internal rhymes. 

‘Lion Hide’ is another pretty dope tune. Gibbo professes he’s ‘Eating microwave dinners that are tougher than Lion Hide’, and this track features a couple of sick quotable bars, as well as interesting ways of switching the rhyme schemes being apparent throughout this track. 

The EP finishes with ‘IAAF’. a more uptempo cut with a real boom bap feel. Gibbo’s writing is always of a good standard delivered with a confident flow, I do sometimes think that he’s lacking in real hard hitting punchlines to finish schemes or verses off with, but the overall vibe is always a good one.

De Facto Entertainment, Gibbo & Stealf have produced a nice little EP with ‘The Fresh Brew’. Anyone looking for some UK hip hop should give this a spin, there’s guaranteed to be a couple of tunes for you’ll be feeling and Stealf’s production always hits home. 

By Sam Bennett





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