Lefty – Libertà (Review)

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Lefty has earned himself quite a reputation as a witty battle rapper with a chilled out style through his appearances on the Don’t Flop channel, but don’t think his music is simply a jovial affair; this EP contains some serious bangers. Libertà is an 8 track EP featuring appearances from some of the UK’s dopest rhymers, including Dotz, Tenchoo & Luca Brazi. 


Libertà kicks off with ‘Roberto Baggio’. This track features an aggressive, piano laced hardcore hip hop beat, with Lefty spitting confidently, with a fierce flow and delivery. Rappers often don’t use their vocal range to its full potential, with many monotonous voices blasting through our speakers nowadays. Granted, this can sound heavy when done correctly, but Lefty’s animated style of MCing on this track really makes it a heavy listen, and instantly gains your attention. This approach is something that is apparent throughout the EP, and it’s a dope part of Lefty’s style.

The diversity of the London MC is clear to see on Libertà. ‘ALL’ features a spacey instrumental, with Lefty displaying a skippy flow, riding the uptempo beat with sheer precision and skill. The Legionnaires representative sounds at home on these more synth heavy beats, just as he does on the more sample based boom bap production found throughout this EP.

Lefty has selected some fantastic UK rappers to join him on Libertà. Tenchoo drops a characteristically savage verse on ‘OWB’. The Portsmouth MC displays his wide vocabulary and complex schemes. AnyWay also drops a sick verse on this track, with a unique flow and a multi-heavy stanza. Terror Bliss, ShoXstar and Dotz appear on ‘War Merchant’. Dotz is as impressive as ever, his style is heavily reliant on multisyllabic rhymes, and these are delivered ferociously, along with his hard hitting punchlines always finding their desired impact. Luca Brazi, whose ‘Dying Proof’ album has been in regular rotation on my iPod also appears on the EP, on the fantastic ‘Who’s Gonna Save My Soul’.

Libertà is a dope project from Lefty. He’s got all the ingredients of a proper MC;  good diction, a compelling flow, rhyme schemes and a charismatic voice that sounds sick whether it’s on a boom bap beat or more up to date production. I’m looking forward to hearing more music, as well as seeing the upcoming clash against Cee Major, another very skilled MC. This will be an on beat battle, the perfect environment for 2 MC’s of this calibre. Make sure you check this project for tight flows, hard beats and dope rhymes.

By Sam Bennett






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