Luca Brazi – Dying Proof (Review)

Luca Brazi, Reviews


You may be aware of Luca Brazi through his work with Granville Sessions, a 7 piece live hip hop band who have been putting in the work over the last few years, releasing well received projects and performing up and down the country. ‘Dying Proof’ is an album that see’s Brazi step out on his own, and he comes with a 16 track album packed with bangers. Not only does ‘Dying Proof’ feature Luca spitting ferociously and proving his expertise and ability as a lyricist, it is also completely self produced. This is an album by a very talented individual, and should not go unnoticed. 


‘Introview’ is a perfect opener to the album. A mock interview takes place on this track, and Luca provides answers to any doubters listening. A classic, boom bap instrumental with great horn samples provides a perfect backing for Luca Brazi to introduce himself to anyone who isn’t aware of his talent and skill. A tight flow and clear diction is easy to hear on this track, and already it’s obvious that this is an album from a very skilled wordsmith. The energy levels stay up for ‘Tense’, with excellent multisyllabics and internal rhyme schemes seamlessly delivered on a heavy, neck snapping instrumental.

Going from the braggadocios feel of the first couple of tracks, it’s good to hear Luca spit some more personal lyrics on ‘Talk To Me’, and it’s not only interesting to hear the versatility in the subject matter of tracks on ‘Dying Proof’, it’s great to hear an MC do so as convincingly as Brazi does. The different concepts and topics of the tracks on this album definitely span a wide range, whether it’s a more introspective track, or whether it’s a scathing commentary on certain elements of the UK scene, such as on the fantastic ‘Oysters’. No matter what the concept, Brazi completely holds it down.

‘Skills’ is one of the standouts of the album for me. This track features Oliver Sudden & Fourni P. This is track for the straight up rap fans; Brazi drops knowledge on the ridiculous nature of mainstream music, and hearing three very talented MCs speaking about staying true to the art and culture over an anthemic beat, with well structured verses and rhyme schemes is something any hip hop fan will welcome as an addition to their iTunes library. Another standout is ‘Sands Of Time’, a track laced with honesty about Luca’s past and various vices. The variety of styles present on ‘Dying Proof’ is something to be admired, yet the album still remains cohesive, and this is definitely something to be admired.

This is a classic album. Luca Brazi is a raw wordsmith and an exceptionally talented beat-maker. ‘Dying Proof’ is one of the years dopest projects, and the wide ranging subject matter, coupled with banging beats and Luca’s excellent writing ability makes for a really great album. This is surely the first of many well received solo projects from Luca, and with various things in the pipeline (as part of Granville Sessions, as well as part of B.O.M.B. with Oliver Sudden) we’re sure to be hearing a lot more from him, and that can’t come quickly enough!

By Sam Bennett





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