Kyza – Hibernation (Review)

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Kyza really doesn’t need any introduction. One of the UK’s most prolific lyricists, he’s had some absolute classic tunes. ‘Hibernation’ is a new 11 track project from Mr. Smirnoff, and it’s a really fantastic project. With a wide range of styles and subjects, Kyza’s lyrics are on point throughout. 


The EP kicks off with ‘Game Time’. This is a a fantastic 4 minute barrage of bars. Kyza’s flow is impeccable on this track, and his incredibly confident delivery sits perfectly on the anthemic instrumental. Kyza really makes a statement with this opening cut, and if you weren’t giving this your complete attention at the beginning, by the end you won’t be able to concentrate on anything else.

‘That’s Life’ is a great, personal track from the London rapper. The piano laced instrumental is a soulful affair, and Kyza’s lyrics are introspective and captivating. The rhyme schemes and patterns are complex, making it not just a track with a message and real content, but also a technical one at that!

The versatility on this project is incredibly wide. From straight up bug out music like ‘Gunshot Boom!’ to the more concept driven ‘Zonin’ Again’, Kyza always sounds at home on the beat, and every track is a convincing listen. ‘Speed’ is a fast paced banger, with Kyza demonstrating his excellent double time flow, completely in the pocket throughout the track.

‘Hibernation’ is a dope project. The lyrics are consistently first rate, with sharp flows and a diverse selection of instrumentals to back Kyza’s vocals. This is another truly great project to add to Kyza’s catalogue.

By Sam Bennett





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