Cee Major – Humble Beginnings (Review)

Cee Major, Reviews

Cee Major has been making a bit of a name for himself lately. You might be familiar with him from his appearances on Don’t Flop, being a previous 2 on 2 title winner (along with Cracker), and having countless fantastic lyrical performances for the battle league. Or maybe you’re familiar with him from his meaningful, often deep, and always excellently written musical endeavours. 


The EP kicks off with ‘Humble Beginnings’. This has a minimalistic instrumental, allowing Cee to spit some fantastic four syllable multi’s in the first verse, with some outstanding internal rhymes to boot. The second verse sees the East London rapper switch into some excellently delivered double time spitting. This track will certainly appeal to anybody who is a fan of really well crafted lyrics, and on top of this, ‘Humble Beginnings’ has a melodic, surprisingly catchy chorus to go alongside the sharp tongued MCing.

‘East London 2’ is another excellent track. An engaging listen, this song sees Cee Major spitting a heartfelt verse about his hometown area of Bow, as well as proving why he’s starting to make a real impact in the scene with a tongue twisting flow. Something that is clear throughout this project is that not only can Cee deliver a straight up, packed with bars hip hop verse, but he also crafts actual songs, with clear thought and structure, and this is something that sets him apart from a lot of rappers today.

‘Lost Souls Part 1’ is another deep, sincere track about Cee’s experiences. His honest lyrics draw you into the track, and you stop whatever it is you’re doing to really pay attention to the content. The effortless slip into double time is again incredibly impressive, never missing a beat. ‘Lost Souls Part 2’ closes the EP, and this features Major absolutely killing it over an instrumental of Arctic Monkey’s ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?’.

‘Humble Beginnings’ is an incredibly strong debut EP from Cee Major. This is a fantastic piece of work, with great lyricism, flows, content, hooks; it really has got everything. Oh and did I forget to mention? He produced 4 of the tracks as well! Stop whatever you’re doing and download this.

By Sam Bennett






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