Problem Child – Confessions Of A Normal Human Being (Review)

Problem Child, Reviews

Problem Child, comprised of Illaman, Dabbla, Dubbledge & Sumgii, have arrived with their debut full length project, and its 15 tracks are guaranteed to give you all the energy you need for the day, and more to spare. Sumgii contributes bass heavy, frantic production, with the 3 MCs demonstrating their furious flows on every one of these energetic tracks. 


Confessions Of A Normal Human Being is packed with uptempo, grime and dnb influenced instrumentals, and Illaman, Dabbla & Dubbledge smack the beats to pieces consistently. Dabbla’s ‘Night time socialist, I’m slight bipolarish’ is just one of the standout bars on ‘Fireman Sam’. The hypnotic synth lead line on this track, as well as a deep swelling bass, provides an aggressive backdrop for the ferocious flows of 3 UK MCs who have long been active in the scene, releasing consistently heavy music.

‘Fully Fledged’ uses the beat heard on Problem Child’s SBTV cypher video, and Dabbla absolutely smacks it to pieces. His work in Dead Players & LDZ has always caught my attention, since his flow consistently matches whatever beat he is spitting on perfectly. Dabbla also specialises in witty punchlines and multisyllabics; he possesses every tool necessary to be an incredible MC.

The first single from the album, ‘Sheep’, is a straight up, dubstep influenced, lose all your inhibitions stomper of a song. Dubbledge always brings a certain swagger to a verse, and has always had an excellent presence throughout his career. His versatility has always been outstanding, and it shows once again in his work as part of PC, sounding just as at home over the more uptempo production of this album as he does on straight up UK hip hop. All 3 MCs tear this track apart, Illaman’s verse being a standout in my opinion, and Sumgii is an absolute monster for this beat!

“When life gives you lemons…motherfucking smoke them!’ says Illaman on his solo cut ‘Woddle’. This album stands apart from so much other UK hip hop out there, since it is unashamedly filled with songs perfect for wilding out too. The more conscious side of the genre is all well and good, but it’s so refreshing to hear an album packed back to back with tracks that will undoubtedly get you amped up beyond belief; and every so often a bar comes along that is so in tune with this vibe it’s uncanny, such as Dabbla exclaiming ‘I get pilled out my face raving to fast trance’ on the fantastic ‘7 Days’. It certainly seems like Problem Child are describing a completely opposite week to Craig David’s track of the same name!

This is a very sick album. Sumgii is an incredible producer; he’s been behind some quality beats for Piff Gang and LDZ, amongst others, and he provides the soundtrack for this whole album, keeping the energy levels at a very high level, even without considering the ferocious flows of Dabbla, Illaman & Dubbledge. Problem Child are promoting the party vibe, and this album should definitely be the soundtrack to your next session!

By Sam Bennett




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