Parallax – Depth Perception (Review)

Parallax, Reviews

Parallax is an exciting prospect. Hailing from the capital city, he specialises in the boom bap sound of the 1990’s, blessing smooth, chilled beats with his ferocious tone and flow combined with complex, skilfully crafted lyrical content. Depth Perception is an EP consisting of 5 tracks (plus intro), and is one for any fan of the golden era. 


Hip Hop Philosophy is the opening track, and it’s a dope one. Parallax spits some nice multi syllabics, with a tight flow weaving over a jazzy instrumental blessed with some dusty brass samples. Parallax drops into some great double speed bars on this track, and this definitely has a great impact. Sam Ziricon and Parallax himself provide the beat for Hip Hop Philosophy, and it’s an excellent summer chiller.

Strength features a sick soul influenced instrumental, and allows Parallax to really show his writing ability. This is a classic, raw hip hop track, something we don’t hear particularly often anymore. The M.O.P. samples definitely help keep the head nodding to the maximum throughout this track. Parallax has a great talent for writing some fantastic extended multisyllabic rhyme schemes, evident to hear in the ‘Bringing defeat/Riddles are deep/Cripple your fleet/Christopher Reeve’ scheme heard in the second verse.

Punchlines don’t fall short of the mark on Depth Perception. ‘Your backs up against the wall like a stop and search’ is just one of the many hard hitting punches on ‘Walking On’. It always makes for a good listen when an EP, mixtape or album goes back to the winning formula of authentic boom bap beats and a focus on lyrical punchlines with a heavy delivery.

Depth Perception is a very good EP which is guaranteed to please any fan of raw hip hop. Parallax is definitely one of the ones to watch in the UK scene, always killing a track, whether it’s on the deeper end of the spectrum on tracks like Justice or Rat Race, or whether it’s showing off on a lyrical exercise steez. This is most certainly worth a listen.

By Sam Bennett




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