Rag N Bone Man – Put That Soul On Me (Review)

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When High Focus Records posted on their page that they would be releasing a surprise EP with production duties being handled by Dirty Dike, guesses from fans of who would be on the vocals started flooding the comment section. It turns out that the project was this 3 track EP from Rag N Bone Man, a fantastic vocalist with clear soul and blues influences. He’s also released a project with Leaf Dog, and the combination of raw hip hop beats and infectious melodies, as well as Rag N Bone’s gritty tone is a unique and very effective blend of talents. 


Dirty Dike has built up an outstanding reputation as an MC over the years, and over the past year or so has been commanding more and more respect concerning his production abilities. Work on Ed Scissortongue’s ‘The Theremin EP’ as well as a variety of quality tracks doing the rounds on soundcloud has shown his gritty, slightly lazy but always authentic ear for dusty hip hop beats and breaks. This EP is no exception, with moody, soulful instrumentals perfectly complimenting Rag N Bone Man’s vocals. Across The Sky is a great example of this; the slow paced instrumental is laced with some smooth brass samples, and a hypnotic bassline.

My Business is the closer of the EP. Ronnie Bosh is the guest MC, and any fan of High Focus’ rap output will be very impressed. Ronnie always drops a sick verse, and I for one hope that we can hear a full length project some time soon.

Put That Soul On Me is a great project, and at 3 tracks long definitely falls into the category of short but sweet. It’s set to be an interesting journey for Rag N Bone Man, an exceptional vocalist and songwriter with a unique ability to match his vocal style with hip hop production.

By Sam Bennett






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