Enlish – Delicious Heat (Review)

Enlish, Reviews

Enlish has long been an active MC in the hotbed of talented hip hop artists that is Brighton. He’s released some great music in the past, and his face also pops up when watching some old Don’t Flop videos, and in all of these appearances it’s clear to see that Enlish is a very talented MC. Delicious Heat is the latest offering from Big Dave, and this 15 track mixtape serves as the warm up to Enlish’s upcoming full length album, entitled Slumdog Hundredaire. The beats are perfect for a hot summer, and Enlish delivers his bars confidently with a precise flow and developed rhyme schemes.


Tracks such as Abobo Rap see Enlish drop knowledge over a slow paced beat, spitting some witty bars and punchlines that show exactly why his presence in the battle rap scene has earned him many stripes. It’s the extended rhyme schemes and patterns that really impressed when listening to this song, with various 4 syllable rhyme structures, often internal, really displaying Dave’s technical ability.

In true mixtape spirit, Delicious Heat also features a couple of dubs over some sick instrumentals. Enlish’s remix of Not Like Before by The Four Owls is a standout. ‘Realer than most/Feeble approach/Dealing some coke/Beam and a scope/Eager to boast/Fiends with the dope’ is a rhyme scheme that really got my head nodding back and forth, and this track is packed with very well written bars. Enlish’s flow is very tight and precise, and this only adds to the impact of his lyrics.

Enlish also takes us to some more wavy music, with Retired featuring some haunting soundscapes and rattling snares, as well as the classic pitched down vocal hook. It’s good to hear diversity on a UK hip hop mixtape; Big Dave can hold it down on a classic boom bap instrumental just as well as he can on some more up to date production.

Delicious Heat is a very good warm up to Slumdog Hundredaire. Enlish reminds us of his excellent writing ability, as well as his confident and cocky flow and delivery. This is yet another example of the fantastic hip hop being produced down on the south coast.

By Sam Bennett






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