Wordz – #HEF (Review)

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Wordz is one of the many MCs coming out of Manchester making some real waves in the UK hip hop scene. This mixtape displays his incredible flow, over some perfectly matched instrumentals.


#HEF opens with Warm Up (Part 1). This track sees Wordz on a cocky vibe, with his skippy flow on clear display. This track takes me back to the Dipset/Roc-A-Fella heydays, when you’d hear MCs open an album or mixtape by displaying their pure rap ability. The soulful instrumental allows Wordz to show why Manchester really is a growing force to be reckoned with in UK hip hop.

Many tracks on #HEF, such as Pyrex & LOAMFOG, will appeal to fans of A$AP, Piff Gang and other wavier rap music. It’s always good to hear a UK rapper really manage to pull off this more American style without losing any lyrical content or depth. Wordz’ multi’s and punchlines are consistently strong and his flows impress throughout. The great thing about the Trap inspired beats on #HEF mean there is a lot of space for Wordz to show off his consistently on point delivery.

Black Josh is another MC from Manchester who is gaining steam; he’s attracted attention through his work with The Mouse Outfit. He features on 2 tracks on #HEF. Yeah is a rowdy, swagged out track, and it’s definitely impressive to see Black Josh’s versatility as he sounds just as sick here as on the Mouse Outfit album. Wordz and Black Josh are perfectly matched, both with skippy, fast paced flows, yet also managing to have very individual ones. Money Migraines 2 is another spaced out track, over a beat which wouldn’t sound out of place on some early Wiz Khalifa or Mac Miller mixtapes.

#HEF is a strong mixtape, with Wordz consistently dropping tight flows on beats with real precision. Manchester has a lot of talent simmering at the moment, with Wordz being one of many very impressive rappers to check out.

By Sam Bennett





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