Dotz & Flo – The Flotz EP (Review)

Dotz, Flo, Reviews

Dotz is an MC from Bedford who has proven himself as a prolific freestyler, and a great writer of punchlines. His upcoming album with UK hip hop legend Si Phili is sure to make major waves in the scene, but first comes this 5 track EP with Flo, a very talented vocalist.


Dotz has been a very active MC lately, with some great videos coming out from his highly anticipated album with Si Phili of Phi Life Cypher fame. He’s clearly a specialist in multi-syllabics, and has a blistering delivery. This EP is another example of his ability, teaming up with a very talented vocalist named Flo.

The beats hit hard on this, In Time is a classic UK hip hop banger, with well sampled horns and a tight drum beat. Dotz ferociously spits his lyrics, and Flo shows off her Lily Allen esque ability. This combination of rapper and singer translates very well in this record.

Burning Over A New Leaf is another great track, with Dotz spitting about his love for skinning up. The multi’s in this are incredible, allowing Dotz to really let loose on a lyrical exercise vibe.

This EP is a dope project, and at 5 tracks is short and sweet. This is one for any fan of rappers who specialise in complex rhyme schemes, and the addition of Flo on the vocals makes this EP stand out.

By Sam Bennett




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