Adam & Bones – Don’t Move (Review)

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You may have heard of Adam The Rapper through his spoken word work, his battles on Don’t Flop or maybe you heard his fantastic EP with Cuth, entitled The Letters EP. This project finds him teaming up with Rum Committee’s own Sherlock Bones, who produces this in its entirety. It’s a great listen of some real feel good UK hip hop. 


Harry’s Bar kicks this project off, and the relaxed flow and beat makes for such a nice opener. Adam has a very self deprecating feel to his music, and this comes off in the cool, calm and collected delivery. Me & The Liquor continues this trend, with a soulful beat allowing Adam to kick it, reciting bars about his love for the booze. With witty punchlines and subject matter, this project is perfect for the summer, assuming we actually get one.

P45 Shit is a standout track, with a very honest portrayal of the everyday struggle to keep working and making money. It’s this honesty when tackling this subject that often makes UK hip hop artists so much easier to identify with, and with Adam’s references to Pitta Bread and Kinder Eggs this is a track pretty much anybody can relate to. The jazzy FOMO is another great track, with Sherlock Bones providing a fantastic backing for Adam to spit some more serious rhymes. The multi syllabics on show on this track are excellently crafted and delivered; I’ve always thought when watching his battles or his spoken word material, Adam The Rapper is certainly a criminally underrated lyricist and writer.

Sherlock Bones blesses the ear with some very smooth beats on Don’t Move. The infectious, head nodding Fuxtaposition is a great track, with some really dope sampling in the instrumental. Brighton is harbouring some very talented producers, and Bones provides some first rate beats for Adam to flow over.

Don’t Move is a free download, and at 11 tracks it’s more than worth your hard drive space! Adam The Rapper is a dope lyricist, with a very grounded approach to his bars, and this comes across so well on this project. This is perfect UK hip hop for the summer weather, make sure you check it out!

By Sam Bennett




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