Tony Broke – Money In The Bag (Review)

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Tony Broke is just one of the many talented rappers coming out of Liverpool. It’s amazing to see just how much talent there is in the North of the UK, with cities such as Leeds, Manchester and the Merseyside all producing some incredible lyricists. Money In The Bag is the latest EP from Tony, released through Blah Records. 


The album kicks off with the title track, Money In The Bag, featuring fellow Liverpudlian Bang On! and the absolute legend that is Ras Kass. It’s great to hear two MCs from England trading verses with such a respected lyricist, and all 3 rappers impress on this track. The gritty beat provides the perfect backdrop for Tony & Mr. Bang On to spit on; both have a quick paced flow, packing the bars with syllables. Bang On slips into double time effortlessly, then in the next bar returning to a regular speed, and it’s this control that makes his verse so memorable.

Fast For Cash features Black Josh, from Manchester and RLD Records’ own Smellington Piff. This ode to being poor is UK hip hop at its absolute best. Reklews’ smooth, piano laced beat allows all 3 MCs to do what they do, and the chorus is very infectious. Black Josh’s flow is so on point, every track I hear his ability to drop an incredible verse astounds me. With excellent control, timing and diction he is bound to become one of the leading members of the scene. Smellington Piff’s verse hits extremely hard as well, with incredible multi’s and quotable’s such as ‘foraging for half bitten Bourbons and blue Gorgonzola’. 68 Sag is another dope track from the EP, and any hip hop fan will love this posse cut. With King Grubb, Bill Shakes & Lee Scott all dropping very tight verses, anybody who likes Children of the Damned will bug out at this joint. Tommy Dockerz drops another Scrumpy Jack inspired verse, the vibe Tommy brings to a track is something I’m excited to hear a lot more of. Black Josh also drops his second verse of the EP, killing the beat once more, as does Bang On.

Production duties for Money In The Bag are handled by Reklews. His dark, boom bap beats suit a Blah Records release like no other, and this is no exception. Providing a fantastic batch of instrumentals for some dope lyricists to drop knowledge on, this is an EP for the real hip hop fans.

Blah Records are coming out with some great projects, with Lee Scott & Tommy Dockerz recently releasing full length projects, and this 4 track EP from Tony Broke is yet another great piece of the catalogue. Gritty and real, this is a pure hip hop offering, and I for one am excited to hear what’s coming next.

By Sam Bennett




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