Gi3mo – Gary Guttersnypes: One Point Five (Review)

Gi3mo, Reviews

Gi3mo, one of the many Rum Committee representatives, is back with a bang on his follow up to the Gary Guttersnypes album. One Point Five is more of the same hardcore UK hip hop that Big Gizzy specialises in, and this 8 track EP is definitely worth checking out. 


Brighton is a real hotbed of UK hip hop right now, with Rum Committee being one of the premier crews making music in the south coast city. Gi3mo is one of the many members, and this 8 track EP is a good follow up to his Gary Guttersnypes debut album, released in October 2013. The beats hit hard throughout, with Gizzy dropping some incredible haymakers. His punchlines hit hard, perfectly suited to the dark and hypnotic instrumentals.

Ashes 2 Ashes is a great opener to the project. Gi3mo has the ability to make anything sound tough, rough and raw and this is shown throughout this first track. Bars such as ‘Run down an alley and get bashed with the bin lid/smacked down and kicked in the bitch tits, dip shit’ are delivered with such ferocity, that you can’t help bout screw your face up at the impact of the punchlines. Mosh Team representer D’lyfa Reilly also makes a dope appearance on the track, with his smooth verse complimenting the aggression of Gi3mo’s bars.

Yesterdaze is a fantastic track, with a much more mellow instrumental allowing a display of more introspective and deep lyrics. It’s a refreshing change from Gi3mo’s usual all out gritty style, and it’s tracks like this that really show how Rum Com are a force to be reckoned with. There are lots of very talented MCs who are part of the group, one of these being Ceezlin, who has recently signed a deal with SBTV. Ceez drops a verse on ‘Same Shit Different Day’, another more relaxed track. Both MCs spit double time, and this makes the track a real stand out, with both rappers flowing over the beat with expert precision.

Gary Guttersnypes One Point Five is a good collection of tracks. At just 8 tracks it’s short but sweet, with Gizzy providing his signature brand of UK hip hop. His unique, gravelly vocal tone and gritty punchlines are delivered nicely over the well picked instrumentals. It would have been nice to hear a couple more tracks like Yesterdaze, however if you want to listen to some head nodding hip hop from this side of the pond, you can’t really go wrong with Gary Guttersnypes.

By Sam Bennett




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