Tommy Dockerz & Dan Oddysee – Oddlit (Review)

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Tommy Dockerz & The Rev, better known as Dirty Dockerz, are making moves in the UK scene, with the duo unleashing incredibly funny visuals online at a very quick rate. This project comes from Tommy Dockerz & Dan Oddysee, a producer hailing from Birmingham, and is 10 tracks packed with some of the wittiest lyrics you’ve ever heard in your life. 


Rappers with a certain kind of character often attract fans based solely on gimmicky bars and lyrics, and it’s very easy to confuse Tommy Dockerz with spitters of the aforementioned persuasion. This certainly isn’t the case. It’s so clear when listening to Oddlit that Tommy really knows how to ride a beat, often switching from nonsensical slang into an absolutely killer 8 bar without a second thought. Oddlit is solely produced by Dan Oddysee who contributes futuristic beats perfectly matched to Dockerz’ flow and cadence. This is an album that demonstrates how far originality goes in making some quality music.

Broccolay is an incredibly dope track, and the video is well worth a watch as well. With slick blues guitar lines complimenting Tommy’s flow, as well as a catchy chorus involving some familiar slang. Hitler’z Shooz & Boxfeld are two of my favourite tracks from the album, although I’m not entirely sure why. Both of these concepts are subjects no other rapper in todays scene would be able to pull off. The second verse of Hitler’z Shooz is however, a prime example of Tommy displaying just how well written and well structured his lyrics are.

If you’re familiar with Tommy’s work with Dirty Dockerz, his group with producer and fellow rapper The Rev, you’ll know what kind of thing to expect from this album. However, it’s not easy to write bars packed with slang few understand the meaning of, and tackling concepts so abstract to anything rappers have tackled before, in such a humorous way. The fact Tommy & Dan Oddysee produced such a cohesive album, as well as creating one of the funniest bodies of work in UK hip hop. Tracks like Babbr can’t fail to make you pause the track to compose yourself.

Oddlit is a fantastic album. Tommy manages to be one of the funniest spitters around right now, all the while proving just how nice on a mic he is. Packed with random Hitler references and more slang than a Cockney’s vocabulary, along with very sick instrumentals, this is one of the best listening experiences I’ve had for a long time.

By Sam Bennett




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