Jack Jetson – The Adventures of Johnny Strange (Review)

Jack Jetson, Reviews

Hip Hop in the UK is in one of its healthier periods since its inception, and Jack Jetson is another of the MCs making real waves in the scene. With classic, weed infused verses displaying real skill and passion, this debut album is set to be one of the best releases of 2014. 


It’s great to see that the talented members of the High Focus roster aren’t content to sit back and ride the wave. BVA & Leaf Dog’s RLD Records is sure to be very important in bringing through more and more lyrical MCs staying true to what hip hop is all about. Jack Jetson’s The Adventures of Johnny Strange album is the first release on RLD, and it’s an example of just how good rap music from Great Britain can be. With all of the production duties handled by Leaf Dog himself, Jack flawlessly flows around the expert sampling and classic 90s drums.

The opening track is Wonderberry, which was released a few weeks back with an accompanying video. As soon as the track starts you can’t help but bounce your head along to it, and Jetson sets the album off with brilliantly structured multi’s and rhyme schemes. Strange Ways is another dope track, with sick quotable’s and internal rhymes. It was certainly a wise choice for Jack Jetson to sign under BVA & Leaf Dog’s new outfit of great UK talent; Jack’s tone of voice and way of writing lends itself completely to Leaf Dog’s gritty yet soulful production, and the vibe of the project makes it able to slot straight amongst albums such as ‘Brothers of the Stone’ and ‘From A Scarecrows Perspective’.

The album features only 3 guest verses. BVA kicks it on Vitamins, with his old school flow delivered with precision. It’s great to hear that a guy with a very unique style and way of delivering his bars is still respected as much as BVA is. Leaf Dog and Jack hook up to trade bars on Stay True. This ode to raw hip hop is perfect for a lazy summer day. Dirty Dike also lends a verse on Mushroom Clouds. This is one of the standout tracks, with one of the UK’s most prolific lyricists proving exactly why he’s so respected; Dike’s humorous bars such as ‘I’ll sellotape her face to the fridge and fucking break her ribs’ instantly making you perk up and pay attention. Jetson’s verses don’t fall short of the mark either.

This is a very solid album, and is an incredibly strong debut. This has only made it more exciting to hear from RLD’s roster of artists who are bubbling just under the surface. Leaf Dog’s beats are on top form throughout the project, with 13 tracks of classic, 90s influenced instrumentals providing the perfect backing for Jack Jetson to take us through the adventures of Johnny Strange.

By Sam Bennett





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