Edward Scissortongue – The Theremin EP (Review)

Edward Scissortongue, Reviews

Edward Scissortongue releases his new EP, and takes us on a journey through the depths and the darkness. The Theremin EP is something quite unlike anything we’ve ever heard before. 


High Focus Records are the force to be reckoned with in UK Hip Hop. With so much fantastic material being released from the label that specialises in raw, boundary pushing hip hop, it’s hard to see a future in UK rap where HF won’t be majorly important players. The latest project to be released under the imprint is The Theremin EP, a project from the beast that is Edward Scissortongue. Painting pictures packed with desolate imagery over haunting soundscapes, this EP is an intense and dark listen, yet at the same time an incredibly rewarding one.

Following his debut album, ‘Better.Luck.Next.Life’, with production solely handled by Lamplighter, it was always going to be interesting to see how Scissor fares when working with an array of producers, as is the case on this EP. The Eon-Ra produced opener, Teeth, certainly settles the listener in for a journey packed with more metaphors than you can shake a stick at, with Scissor’s expertly crafted stories and rhyme schemes matching perfectly with the haunting strings and piano. The title track, produced by fellow High Focus artist Dirty Dike, is a fantastic tale filled with apocalyptic imagery. It is this command of the English language that makes Ed one of the most skilful and talented writers active in the scene at the moment.

Both bodies of work that have been released from Edward Scissortongue have clearly been so carefully crafted and created, with ‘Better.Luck.Next.Life’ being a risky choice in some ways for a debut album in terms of the sheer amount of the vivid imagery the rhymes conjure up, and The Theremin EP is another example of just how much thought is clearly put into Scissor’s projects. It’s a great change when you listen to a rappers project, knowing that the bars and verses have been slaved over for days, weeks and months, as opposed to the throwaway verses we hear too often on albums and EPs.

The Theremin EP is a great body of work, with beats and bars that will really resonate with fans of MCs such as Jam Baxter, Trellion & Lee Scott. With 5 tracks featuring Scissors vocals, plus an instrumental intro and outro, this glimpse into the mind of the Cambridge lyricist is a haunting one, yet still is hugely enjoyable.

By Sam Bennett





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